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Bat extermination is not a proper term. Bats are not to be exterminated. They are wonderful animals, can live over 15 years long, and are protected by law. Plus, any attempt to exterminate them will fail and lead only to some dead and rotting bats in your home of building. It's illegal, inhumane, and doesn't work.

Luckily, it's easy to solve a bat problem correctly, without harming any of the bats. In fact, it's the only way to do it. The bats are dispersed in your attic and walls, but every night they fly out on their own, to eat insects. We install one-way exclusion devices that allow them to get out (as seen in the picture to the left) but not get back in! We seal up every nook & cranny that they can use to get into your home - they use areas as small as 3/8 inch, and we bat-proof the entire building permanently. If necessary, we clean the waste that they have left behind, and you are left with a clean and sealed building, guaranteed. This is the only true way to solve a bat problem - by exclusion, not extermination!

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How to exterminate bats with poison or fumigants - Think bats are bad creatures with all the horror movies and scare stories going around over the past few years? Think again, ladies and gentlemen – bats are GOOD animals! Bats eat over 1,000 insects every hour in their busiest periods. This means that all of those insects that you hate the most – the bees and wasps that sting you, the beetles and bugs that irritate you, and the mosquitoes that bite you are kept in check with the flying bats. Without them, the insects in your home and within your neighborhood would be ruling the domain, so perhaps you should think again before you look towards culling bats as an effective method of getting rid of them?

The bats that you will experience will generally do more good around you than harm, which is why you shouldn’t look towards the idea of fumigants and poisons in a bid to get rid of them. For starters, there actually aren’t any registered poisons or fumigants that have been proven to work in bat killing. Many people will have written stories on the internet, however, suggesting that things like chlorophacinone, an ingredient commonly found in rat killer, and even antifreeze can work to remove the bats, but these will often come with many more bad points than good.

There are many problems associated with getting rid of bats by culling them. Firstly, what poison or fumigant are you going to use? How much of it are you going to use? Will this kill just the one bat, or an entire colony of them? Could you really deal with the death of these animals on your conscience? That’s the thing about using the poisons that you come across to kill the bats – you don’t know what effect it will have on the animals, or how much you are going to need to use in order to do so. That is before you think of the legalities of the issue. In many states, killing bats is illegal and can result in either a fine, imprisonment or sometimes both. The bats are protected creatures, so killing them would seriously damage the ecosystem, and this is what the environmental laws and regulations are there to protect.

Of course, there is a massive safety element that you must take into account when you decide to start killing bats left, right and center – you don’t know how much poison is needed and also the effects of certain poisons on the rest of the family, including pets. Many people opt for things such as antifreeze or rat poisons that contain chlorophacinone to cull the creatures, and these can have very adverse effects on people and household pets.

Of course, another thing that you are going to have to take into account when looking into the idea of killing bats with poison and fumigants is where they are actually going to die. They could be in your house somewhere, and you are going to have to find them before they start decomposing and smelling the place out. That is before you even begin to think of the rats and other creatures that the corpses would attract.

As a whole, the idea of killing bats with poisons and fumigants is a very bad idea, and it is a much safer option to let the professionals in such an industry handle the task. As well as the safety aspects involved, there will be a lot of cost included too – from the buying of the poison, to the cleanup operation, and if you get into trouble with the boys in blue, the cost could very much outweigh that of just hiring a professional in the first place.

All of the content and photos (even the background wallpaper) is by me, the owner of the Orlando Bat Control company. We are based in Orlando and service all of central Florida, and in fact the whole state of Florida, including Tampa and Miami. We operate in the towns of Winter Park, Lake Mary, Longwood, Deltona, Sanford, Conway, Doctor Phillips, Metro West, Kissimmee, and more. If you have any questions about a bat problem in Florida, give us a call, and we can schedule an appointment to inspect the problem and get it taken care of.