Sanford Bat Control

Snford has a lot of bats! This is largely due to lake Jessup. You may have just discovered them - flying out of your home at dusk, leaving scattered droppings below. Or you may have known about a large population of bats in your building for some time, but now the situation is getting out of hand, with hundreds or thousands of bats, and a strong odor. Regardless, a colony of bats in a building is a serious matter. The colony will never leave, it will only grow in size, you don't like the sight or odor of the animals, and the droppings they leave behind can be hazardous to your health, not to mention the risk of rabies.

We can help you. We are Florida's foremost experts on bat colony removal. We remove 100% of the bats, with a perfect success rate, we do not harm a single bat, we completely bat-proof your home or building, and we clean and decontaminate the mess that they leave behind.

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We are based in Sanford, FL. We operate 24/7, and strive for the highest level of customer service - we show up as scheduled, in clean truck and uniform, and we use the best equipment. We offer a full written guarantee on our work, and provide a full range of services for all of your bat control needs. We put a great deal of care and pride into our work, and make sure that the bat problem is gone for good.

Superior Bat Exclusion: We have trained for years specially on bat control, in several states in the USA. We specialize in Florida bat control, and the two primary colonizing species of bats, the Brazilian Free-Tail Bat (Tadarida brasiliensis), and the Evening Bat (Nycticeius humeralis). Of the two, the Free-Tail bat is more common. Regardless, we are intimately familiar with the biology and behavior of all of Florida's bats. These two species in particular love to live in the attics or walls of homes and buildings. They form large groups, known as maternity colonies. These groups of bats never leave, and can grow to a very large size. Every summer, the female bats give birth to their baby bats, which are unable to fly for about eight weeks. When we come to your property, we inspect the building and study your bat problem often with a night watch. We remove all of the bats via specialty exclusion methods, such as seen in the photo to the left. Not a single bat is harmed during the process, and they are all evicted.

We service both residential and commercial properties in Sanford. We know that Sanford has a lot of bats, partly because of Lake Jessup, partly because there's a lot of old buildings in Sanford. We have removed bats from many Sanford Florida homes, as well as churches, offices, a movie theatre, and more. We seal up the buildings and make sure that they are completely bat-proof and that no bats can ever get back in, and we clean up the waste that the bats have left behind, and decontaminate the building if need be.

All of the content and photos (even the background wallpaper) is by me, the owner of the Orlando Bat Control company. We are based in Orlando and service all of central Florida, and in fact the whole state of Florida, including Tampa and Sanford. We operate in the towns of Winter Park, Lake Mary, Longwood, Deltona, Sanford, Conway, Doctor Phillips, Metro West, Kissimmee, and more. If you have any questions about a bat problem in Florida, give us a call, and we can schedule an appointment to inspect the problem and get it taken care of.

Sanford Bat Removal Customer Email:
I have a group of bats in my attic. I have spoken to orkin, they said the same thing however when do the baby bats learn to fly they told me they could not go in until August and that is depending on the heat(weather) however they did tell me that the soffit and facia has to be replaced because the material they use to close the areas is too large to close , I have 4 lane highways in my soffit? for these bats, of course we are not handling the bats in anyway however we opened the attic door and placed a sonic machine in the area which seems to be moving them a little although I have been told it won't help a bit what is your opinion of these , we got a bird x yard guard animal & pest repeller motion detector.

My response: The FCC has issued statements that sonic devices are not effective. I would suggest you hire a wildlife trapper, not a pest control company. If the soffits and fascia boards are deteriorating, they could be replaced by the contractor that does your roof work. It will be less expensive to have them do the work, and the timing will be much better. The statements about August are correct. This is my a wildlife trapper to do the work when he/she is confident that bats are moving in your area. Have them begin their exclusion work about two weeks prior to the beginning of the roof work. Then after the roofers are done, have the wildlife trapper return to make sure that you do not have any other openings that the prior residents could make their way into. I'm sorry, but I don't think there is anything else that I can add at this time. Good luck!!!